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Everyday Woman Podcast: You + Me =

Angela and Galit, who are in the trenches just like you. Hear uplifting stories of hope, learn tips and tricks, and get the weekly motivation you need! Eight episodes go through each chapter of our book, Everyday Woman: All About You.

Everyday Woman OnLineTV

Are you ready to go from social media lives to hosting your own TV show? Everyday Woman is filling timeslots now for the first season of Everyday Woman Online TV! Be a trailblazer and get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity. Everyday Woman will be debuting on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, and mobile devices.

The deadline for submission is August 31st for the first season! Hurry!

Want to be notified of new events, training, and conferences? Hit the link below to register!

Everyday Woman Library

Everyday Woman’s Guide to Success in Your Business

Have you seen the news?! Everyday Woman’s Guide is debuting a new book! Following in the #1 footsteps of Everyday Woman’s Guide to Doing What You Love and The Successful Woman’s Mindset, Galit and Angela are accepting applications for the newest edition, entitled, Everyday Woman’s Guide to Success in Your Business. Are you ready to be a best selling author? Hit the link below for more information!

“If you’re reading this, do it! You won’t regret the opportunity!”  – Past Author, Aryel

Everyday Woman’s Guide to Doing What You Love

Published in June of 2021, the most recent Everyday Woman’s Guide book shot straight to #1 in multiple categories on Amazon. Read the stories from 51 Everyday Women just like you, who share their secrets, struggles, successes, and secret sauce to doing what you love. 

“This is such an awesome opportunity!” – Past Author, Charlotte

Everyday Woman: All About You

Get your copy of the book that started it all! These pages are a guided journey to embracing all of who you are – your strengths, weaknesses, abilities, talents, fears, failures, and successes. You are not just the sum of your roles. 

“It is wonderful to work with Angela and Galit!” -Past Author, Alexia

Everyday Woman Experiences &


Everyday Woman Experience

You asked for it, and it’s finally here!!

Angela and Galit blew out all the stops for the first ever, Everyday Woman VIP Retreat in Las Vegas this fall, from September 24th - 27th!

This intimate experience has been capped at 10 attendees, and there are only 2 spots left!

This is a visibility immersion experience, with the rigorous training you’ve come to expect from Everyday Woman, combined with the relaxation of a retreat.

Enjoy a luxurious, 7000 sq foot mansion while you:

  • Have a photoshoot with Galit and Angela’s personal photographer
  • Meet with a  celebrity professional stylist to help you learn and select clothing suited to your body type and brand
  • Experience group and one-on-one media training with an award winning producer and journalist
  • Receive a professional makeover, followed by a photoshoot for lifestyle photos and professional headshots for your website, social media and marketing

There’s so much more - hello evening helicopter rides and a cirque du soleil show!? - that we don’t have room here!

Click the link below to get all the details and make your reservation!

“You are so amazing! I highly recommend working with Galit - if you don’t yet!! If you have a story to tell and connections to be made - Galit is your girl to get you in front of the people who need you the most!”
- Sandra Edwards
“Angela will help you refine and grow your social media presence in a way that will translate to new clients and open doors and so many opportunities.”
- Meghan Rose

Everyday Woman Real Estate MasterMind

What if you could learn from a real estate agent who has sold over $700 million worth of commercial real estate?

What if you could learn how to be more visible and fine-tune your marketing from a best-selling marketing strategist, who helped her clients of entrepreneurs and business owners reach $1.5 million dollars in revenue in one year?

Interested yet?

You should be!

It doesn’t matter if you are just looking to get into the market, a newbie agent, or a veteran expert - there’s something in this mastermind for everyone.

This exclusive, 6 month, private Mastermind will include:

  • Exclusive LinkedIn group and Slack channel
  • Two, 90minute training sessions a month
  • Support from your peers, Galit, and Angela
  • 6 HOURS of training on lead generation
  • Positioning yourself as an authority
  • How to become your local market expert

And so much more we don’t even have room here!

We started this company because we firmly believe, from our own experience in life and business as women, that women can do what they love AND make money doing it.

Are you ready to earn your full potential?

“Angela helped me quadruple my income in 90 days,”
- Deleesa Hunter
“So fortunate to have met Galit! She has kept me on track, which is a challenge in itself, and I have met every one of the goals I set out to reach, as well as goals that she has suggested I reach.”
- Norma Jean

Hit the link below for more information and to reserve your place!

Be More Visible Membership

We have a crazy goal. We want to help 1000 women get visible and GET MORE CLIENTS. Because we know more clients + more opportunities = more profit for you.

What if we told you we could show you how to

  • Close new clients – consistently!- every month
  • Set yourself up for success on social media – no more crickets!
  • Set up an easy, peasy free pocket product so you can attract your ideal client – for free!
  • Create and run a virtual webinar so you can establish yourself as an expert and make money – over and over again!
  • Go live in our group of over 13,500 women!
  • Leverage your LInkedIn to get picked up and published by leading publications like Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive, etc.

You do have what it takes, and you can make money doing what you love. Let us show you how!


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