Intentional Profits with no Limits
Mastermind STARTS on the week of October 24, 2022

For YOU, the successful entrepreneur of tomorrow who is ready to claim the business you deserve and get highly paid for sharing your expertise or products

If you thought earning $10k months... was not possible, you are wrong!!!

What if we told you that we can increase what you are earning right now by 5x without using any scheme-y dirty tactics, forceful sales talks, or questionable strategies [and even during challenging times like these]... Can you believe that?

We are Angela and Galit, Co-Founders of Everyday Woman. We started this company because we firmly believe from our own experience in life and business as women that are doing what they love and making money doing it, that women just like you can do the same. 

what is the difference between us, the small business owners, individual entrepreneurs, or even premium freelancers... from the Successful women that people hire all day?    

It's the tools, resources & Opportunity.

First, let's talk about visibility. Think about someone who has a presence whenever they launch a book, a course, or a program. Why do people clamor for their content even though everyone else is probably doing the same thing?

It is because they are really VISIBLE.

It's clear that they are doing something and they are good at what they do... well, good news. YOU ARE good at what you do and if you want to do something about it, we're about to give you the visibility secrets to "exploit" and "take advantage" of your expertise that will snowball your business! 

That's where opportunity comes in — we won't just teach you how to create your own opportunities to invite more clients for you, more listeners, more followers, and basically more influence.   

How will we accomplish that?

With “Intentional Profits with no Limits”. This program is for everyone who is ready to become massively visible and get paid highly to share their expertise or products with the world. It’s built upon a three Core Pillar Strategy that we’ve been using for years now. 

These three pillars have helped us:

Secure a consistent flow of clients that reach out to us
Build an offline business to 900 Million sold in commercial Real Estate 
Get 3.2 Million Views on Pinterest alone 
Help 2000+ Small Business Owners make $5k+ per month online 

Let’s talk about these three pillars that will help you make $10k+ months consistently and keep the profits instead of wasting your hard-earned money on the ads and marketing. 


By far, Galit is one of the best coaches I know. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and expertise sets her apart from the rest.

Galit has a unique approach to building confidence, setting up systems and helping you keep your eye on the goal. She is constantly finding new ways to make my life and business run smoothly.

The moment I began implementing her training, my business took off. I gained new listings and a pipeline full of leads.

I highly recommend Galit for any new or experienced real estate agent. Her insight and knowledge has been a direct benefit to my success.

Sasha Nizgola

Fabulous, Wonderful, Extraordinary

Fabulous, Wonderful, Extraordinary these are just some of the words to describe Galit Ventura Rozen and how her expertise with being a Business Strategist, Professional Speaker and Coach has changed my life with just a few starter coaching sessions I had with her.

If you want to truly take your career, business to the next level and you are willing to work hard, you need to have Galit as a coach, she will truly give you the tools to do what is needed.

Barbara Beckley

So fortunate to have met Galit

She has kept me on track which is a challenge in itself and I have met every one of the goals I set out to reach as well as goals that she has suggested I reach.

Norma Jean

Visibility, Intentions & Profits

To be successful in any endeavor, business, or project, it needs to be Visible to your customers otherwise, they won’t even know it’s there. What we’re going to talk about in this core pillar is how to maximize your business’ visibility. We’ll be taking you deep into our strategies on how we start ANY campaign and get it running from zero to thousands of engagements day by day so you can Be Seen, Be Heard, and Get More Clients.

The next core pillar talks about Intentions. It sounds pretty straight forward but this is probably one of the most important core pillars in a business… 

because this is your WHY, this is your DRIVE, your MOTIVATION, and basically why you’re doing what you are doing. 

It’s what gives your company its purpose. We’ll be talking about how to solidify your intentions to “Get the message through” to your people. 

Even amidst all the distractions going on around, we’ll be teaching you ways on how you will stand out and become a searchlight for the people you want to attract, so you position yourself to high-level clients, get seen as an authority and important voice in your space and land Clients that are ready to pay you your value.

And finally, the last core pillar is Profits. A business, a goal, or a project cannot… and we’re giving a huge emphasis on CANNOT… run successfully if there are no profits. This is pretty much a given. Not only will we dive into some of our company secrets that will generate 3X, 5X, or even up to 10X the profits you’re having at this very moment… we’ll also be tackling some strategies that many of the most successful entrepreneurs and business women follow online and offline and have helped us build an offline business to 900 Million sold in Commercial Real Estate and supported 2000+ Small Business Owners make $5k+ per month online. 

Besides building massively successful businesses in the real and online world we are also respected board members of various different charities and we both have families that we deeply love and spend time with.

We know how to maximize results with the little time we have and make space for ourselves, our careers, families and friends. In a nutshell we teach you how to work smarter, not harder!!!

That’s how we know that if you are not intentional, visible and profitable your business will fail.

This truly boils down to those two components that you need:


The customers need what you offer [in this case the busted fridge]


You have to be known for your product and be visible when your customers are searching for what you are offering without having to shove it in their face. We'll be talking about ways on how you can maximize your visibility and influence [without high-pressure sales tactics and scarcity]

In this intimate mastermind, you'll learn how to:

Maximize your visibility both organically and through virtual networking

Drive traffic to your website and blog from your Social Media channels that get millions of views

How to craft a high-end offer and increase your prices to $5k+ and find the right audience who wants exactly what you have to offer

Create opportunities through building a strong network of high performers and a consistent flow of clients so you can become a well-known and respected authority in your niche

Our curriculum is based on the three pillars Intentions, Visibility and Profits but curated to your needs so you can thrive with what's working for you [because we know from personal experience that cookie-cutter strategies are a thing of the past and have never worked for us]

The 6 month schedule goes like this:

Month One - 

Live Class #1 - Achieve Financial Success: Doing What You're Meant To Do.

Live Class #2 - 10x  Your Business Results To Get 10x Your Income

Month Two - 

Live Class #1 - Niche Down

Live Class #2 - Package your Program

Month Three - 

Live Class #1 - Be More Visible To Attract Your Ideal Client

Live Class #2 - Message & Branding To Make Your Business Sizzle

Month Four - 

Live Class #1 - Advanced Lead Generation & Client Acquisition

Live Class #2 - Advanced Marketing: Meet Your Clients Where They Are

Month Five - 

Live Class #1 - The Fortune Is In The Follow up - 90 Day Plan         

Live Class #2 - Intentional Profits That Will Change Everything For You

Month Six - 

Live Class #1 -  Where Are You Now - Review Your Current Business Plan to $10K   

Live Class #2 - Your Exact RoadMap To Your Future Success

Angela helped me quadruple my income in 90 days.


Angela is Da Bomb.  I have never, in my 20+ years of marketing found a person that is totally committed to helping you succeed.  She has helped me understand things that i have been trying to understand for years. She has a knack to break down things so that you understand them.


Angela will help you refine and grow your social media presence in a way that will translate to new clients and open doors and so many opportunities


Meet Your Hosts:

Angela Giles

Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Philanthropist &
Co-Founder of Everyday Woman

Angela, a mastermind in social media and online presence. She'll be teaching us the ways of building yourself online. With her amazing strategies, your profile will be crowded with tons of inquiries, genuine followers, and curious customers that WILL want to purchase YOUR products and services.

She’s the author of From Mind to Mouth: The Art of Communicating With and Understanding Any Audience, has over 3.3 million views on Pinterest and her blog combined, She’s built a huge social media following on both Twitter and Instagram, helped multiple entrepreneurs and businesses reach over 1.5 million dollars in revenue in just a year, all while being a mom of 3 boys.  

She’ll be taking us for a social media masterclass that will help you reach the same, if not more, milestones that Angela has reached. You’ll be learning the basics and the foundational knowledge that comes with building a great online presence that will attract more clients for you.  

Galit Ventura-Rozen

Commercial Real Estate Broker, Professional speaker, High Performance Expert & Co-Founder of Everyday Woman 

Galit, a top-rated speaker and entrepreneur that will teach us how to be confident when talking, present ideas in a systematic manner that makes sense to anyone who listens, and you'll also learn how to express ideas on another level when talking about your business.

After only a year in the business, Galit has been able to command premium prices for each talk. She’s being paid $5000 for her talks, has sold over 700 million dollars' worth of commercial real estate properties, and has taught her clients how to use promotional speaking to attract their ideal client and close $10,000 + deals on stage.  

With Galit, you’ll learn the fundamentals of speaking, how to be more charismatic when you deliver your talks, and how you can “close the client”. She’ll be talking about how you can command in a state of leadership, inspiration, and authority all while giving a natural, warm and positive vibe to your audience or your prospect on the phone.  

Who is this for?

If you’re wondering who this mastermind is for, let us tell you right off the bat… THIS ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. And we are only accepting max 8-10 women to keep this intimate and high-touch.

If you are someone who:

More visibility

Is hungry to improve your online presence and get more clients and views through your social media accounts or online portals to attract a consistent flow of clients.

Build authority

Needs to start building a clear goal for your brand and start leveling up your online and offline presence to become a respected authority in your field  

Became A Leader

Is ready to be a successful entrepreneur of tomorrow, one of the leaders that shares your expertise and gets paid your value.

And have $10k+ months...

...then this intimate 6-month mastermind is for you. 

If you think this is like any other strategy conference or just another talk, think again. With Intentional Profits with no Limits, we take you… yes YOU! To the next level. This isn’t just another cookie-cutter mastermind where everything’s pre-screened or scripted… NO. WE will be talking. It’s not just us, the speakers, this is a dynamic learning group where you'll be deeply seen, heard, loved and supported by women who just like you have BIG DREAMS TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

However, if you’re someone who: 

Is already earning 6 figures per month and content… 
Has the time freedom to travel, enjoy life, and easily spend time with their families 
Already is at the peak of their career earning millions 
And has millions of followers on social media… 

...then this mastermind isn’t for you. 

We can only accommodate a limited number of people in this mastermind because we want to support you with full capacity and high-touch support. If you are still thinking about it, we don't believe that you are ready. But if all your cells are screaming HELL YES, then this is your invitation to join us and MAKE 2022 YOUR YEAR!!

Still think this isn’t for you? Then ask yourself first:

Am I ready to receive more in life and business? 
Do I want my business to generate at least $10k+ months? 
Am I ready to be visible and have a consistent flow of clients asking to work with me.

It’s not for everyone but if you answered yes to at least one of these questions — it’s time to step up. YOU are a visionary. YOU are a leader with heart. And YOU have this amazing opportunity to start changing your life and business. Will you take it and make Intentional Profits with no Limits your 2022 mission? 

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