Everyday Woman

Everyday Woman's Guide To SUCCeSS IN YOUR BUSINESS

27 women, different cultures, religions, ages, professions, businesses and race come together as ONE to share with you their stories on doing what they love in life. They share their passion and stories along with the the challenges they have overcome in hopes that you will be inspired and empowered to know without a doubt YOU CAN TOO!!! They share the steps and advice that you can take and implement into your own life immediately to achieve the the passion in life & biz you desire!!

Meet The Authors

Galit Ventura-Rozen

Co-Founder/CEO /Broker/Owner
Co-Founder Everyday Woman CEO Empowering U Broker/Owner Commercial Professionals

Angela Giles

Marketing Pioneer
Giles Enterprises Plus & Everyday Woman

Pamela Kurt

Life Coach
Best Version Of You LLC

Stacey Lockhart

Executive Director
HopeLink of Southern Nevada

Lovely Laguerre

Founder of Pure Heavenly Hair Boutique
Pure Heavenly Hair Boutique Commercial & Luxury Real Estate

Renata Moise

Reiki Master & Teacher
Reiki Master & Teacher Reiki And Jewelry By Renata

Melissa Porterfield

Founder and CEO
Silk Mountain

Cynde Canepa

Financial Safety Coach Tax & Estate Strategist
A-Z Business Services

Michelle Perkins

Leadership Expert
Coach for Professional Women
MP Coaching

Sonia Petkewich

Founder - Community Leader
Catalyst Collaborative Mastermind

Maria Lobato

Living Life With Purpose
Just Believe Project

Lollo Molander

CEO, Master Creator
Boundless Brilliance AB

Kimberly Malloy

Chief Inspirational Officer
Center for Relational Health Las Vegas

Liane Haynes-Smith


Aga Sandhu

Personal Development and Transformation Coach
Aga Sandhu Ltd

Dr. Vicki Coleman

The Coleman Group & The Anger Doctor

Marilyn Joy

Life Coach
Joy Coaching LLC

Dr. Erin Oksol

CEO, The Higher Life Coaching and Consulting; The Success Psychologist
Dr. Erin Oksol, The Higher Life Coaching and Consulting

Tracy Nosal

Renegade Mentor

Brenda Lotz

Beauty of Crypto

Cynthia Vollmer

Technology Executive

Zakahra White

CEO & Founder
Well Being Essentials LLC.

Lynda Bowers

ProEdge Realty, LLC

Wendi G Tindall

“The Confidence Coach” and the Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Life Solutions
Lighthouse Life Solutions

Melissa Bollea Rowe

"Relation SHIPS" In Business
Rhyme Partners Music Publishing

Kathryn Whittington

Ashtabula County