Be More Visible. Get More Clients. Make More Money.

It really is that simple. This is the membership for YOU, the woman who is tired of feeling like the Invisible Woman on social media, struggling to get clients, and anxious about the first of the month - every month. 

We’ll show you how to sell your services or products, and earn the profits you deserve- without having to sacrifice your firstborn, spend every waking minute on a social media platform, and always wondering how you’re going to pay your bills on time. 

With the Be More Visible Membership, you’ll learn how to skyrocket your visibility and learn a new marketing strategy every month, so you can constantly get new clients. 

As a Be More Visible member, you also get access to our Facebook group Live platform, where you get to go live in our group of over 17,500 women- daily!- along with doing a weekly promo post!

There’s no contract, so you cancel at any time. As a matter of fact, we are so confident you’re going to love our membership we’re offering it to new members to try for just $97!!


Do you feel like you’re getting left behind? Missing some secret sauce in your mix?If you thought getting your brand highly visible, being booked on podcasts, invited to summits, having a large following on social media, or receiving speaking opportunities was “just for those other women,” girlfriend, have we got news for you!!

Hi, we’re Angela Giles and Galit Ventura-Rozen, the voices behind the Everyday Woman platform. 

With over 40 years in marketing, entrepreneurship, and sales experience between us, we want to show you how to skyrocket your visibility and get more clients so you can make more money. 

We believe every woman deserves to make what she is capable of - not what she is told she should be “happy with making.”

We believe, and know from our own experience in life and business, women around the world deserve to get more clients and make more money - and that happens when you get more visible. 

We want you armed with a fresh vision, equipped with powerful strategies, and cheer you on as you achieve a challenging goal in your business. 

Our goal is to help 1000 women be more visible, get more clients, and make more money. 

Is that you? 

Do you want to be a business that is just barely making it? 

Or do you want to equip your business with a new marketing strategy, get more visible, and finally make more money?

If you’re the first, it’d be better to stop reading now. 

If the second, let’s gooooo!

What’s the difference between us - the small business owners, individual entrepreneurs, or premium freelancers - from the big names that you hear and talk about every day?


Have you ever thought the big names are only the big names… because you know them?

Let’s talk about visibility, then.

What makes an Everyday Woman visible?

What makes an Everyday Woman standout - whether it’s a podcast interview, a summit opportunity, a book launch, or a program debut? What makes them different?

It’s because they are good at what they do, and can share their expertise with you, their audience.

Guess what?! You have an expertise, too. Every woman does. We each have an area of expertise where we are an authority. 

In Be More Visible, we will show you how to capitalize on your expertise, grow your social media, build an email list full of potential clients who want to hear what you have to say, find those elusive speaking gigs, book interviews on podcasts, radio stations, even TV! All of these things exponentially increase your visibility...which brings you more clients...which makes you more money!

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

We only share what we’ve tried, tested, and proven works. Our methods have helped us secure a consistent flow of NEW clients, and guaranteed happy returning customers!

Try us out $97!

With immediate access to over 40 marketing strategies, you'll also learn how too...

Face your fears and close clients - fast!
Get views on FB,Instagram, TicTok, Pinterest,Linkedin or whatever platform you use.
Get invited on podcasts and speaker summits to share your expertise with your target audience!
Land new coaching clients!


I HIGHLY recommend working with Galit - if you don't yet!! If you have a story to tell and connections to be made - Galit is your girl to get you in front of the people who need you the most!! 

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Sandra Edwards

Fabulous, Wonderful, Extraordinary

She has helped me with my platform to go towards my speaking business and recently became an Amazon Best Selling Author due to the mentoring from Galit.

Barbara Beckley

So fortunate to have met Galit

She has kept me on track which is a challenge in itself and I have met every one of the goals I set out to reach as well as goals that she has suggested I reach.

Norma Jean

Angela and Galit freakin ROCK at many things and one of them is teaching you how to Grow a Facebook Group

I followed their steps and started a NEW Facebook Group for my Online Business and within a few short weeks I had a few hundred members. I kept following what Angela and Galit said to do and within 2 months’ time I have over 3K members and YES, I am making sales almost every day, now! Thank you so much Angela and Galit.. You ladies truly do ROCK.

Patti Allred

What's Included

It’s Everyday Woman, so you know we’re bringing value! Here’s our upcoming topic list you won’t want to miss!

Go Live once a week in the Everyday Woman Facebook Group with 13000+ women
Post ( promotional post) once a week in the Everyday Woman Facebook Group
Cultivating your email list
Access to a private Facebook Group to ask questions

And that is not all:
You get immediate access to over 40 video recordings that cover:

How to organically get in front a whole bunch of new ideal clients and close sales through Facebook
How to Get Booked On Podcasts
How to Sell on Facebook Lives
Get More Clients During The Holidays
Massive Visibility With Instagram
Facebook posts to get clients
How to build relationship to get more clients, connections, collaborations
Maximize Your Instagram
Limitless Visibility
How to get on Summits and have your own
How to use IG Stories To Sell Your Product & Services
LinkedIn Posting and Lead Generation
How to get views on your Pinterest
And many many more!!!!

Wait….. Did we mention all the bonuses available to you immediately…..

How To Set Yourself Up For Success With A Good Online & Social Media Presence
How to set up your bio for success on linkedin, facebook, instagram, tiktok
How to create social media posts
How to automate your posts
A Sales Script
300 Social Media Memes
318 Social Media Prompts
Business Podcast List
Instagram Hashtag Tools
Instagram Automation Tools
Instagram photo editing tools
Viral Questions to ask on social media

There’s so much more we don’t have the room to share it all! We’re so excited to share it with you!

We get it. We’re moms, business owners, and active in our communities. When every minute counts, you have to maximize the time you do have.

Let us help you achieve the visibility you crave, to get the results you need, with the time you have, to get the profits you want, to live the life you dream!

What are the building blocks of your visibility?


Your customer, or target audience, needs what you have to offer (your service, product, or process). 


You are known for your service/product/process, and are already visible when your customer starts searching for what they need. 

"Did you know it takes a minimum of seeing your brand 20 times for your target audience to associate your brand with you?"

Visibility is the connection between “I need this” and “I need HER!”

Angela helped me quadruple my income in 90 days.


Angela is Da Bomb.  I have never, in my 20+ years of marketing found a person that is totally committed to helping you succeed.  She has helped me understand things that i have been trying to understand for years. She has a knack to break down things so that you understand them.


Angela will help you refine and grow your social media presence in a way that will translate to new clients and open doors and so many opportunities


I've added 700 members to my Facebook Group using the strategies that Angela Giles teaches. And that too in 30 days.

Apart from this I've added 30 members to my monthly subscription program.

The most important thing here is that my group has been forever stuck at 1700-1800 members. Once I started working with Angela and actually implemented her stuff, not only did my group membership explode, but the engagement in my group also skyrocketed

Nilofer Safdar

Meet Your Hosts:

Angela Giles

Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Philanthropist &
Co-Founder of Everyday Woman

Angela, a mastermind in social media and online presence. She'll be teaching us the ways of building yourself online. With her amazing strategies, your profile will be crowded with tons of inquiries, genuine followers, and curious customers that WILL want to purchase YOUR products and services.

She’s the author of From Mind to Mouth: The Art of Communicating With and Understanding Any Audience, has over 3.3 million views on Pinterest and her blog combined, She’s built a huge social media following on both Twitter and Instagram, helped multiple entrepreneurs and businesses reach over 1.5 million dollars in revenue in just a year, all while being a mom of 3 boys.  

She’ll be taking us for a social media masterclass that will help you reach the same, if not more, milestones that Angela has reached. You’ll be learning the basics and the foundational knowledge that comes with building a great online presence that will attract more clients for you.  

Galit Ventura-Rozen

Commercial Real Estate Broker, Professional speaker, High Performance Expert & Co-Founder of Everyday Woman 

Galit, a top-rated speaker and entrepreneur that will teach us how to be confident when talking, present ideas in a systematic manner that makes sense to anyone who listens, and you'll also learn how to express ideas on another level when talking about your business.

After only a year in the business, Galit has been able to command premium prices for each talk. She’s being paid $5000 for her talks, has sold over 700 million dollars' worth of commercial real estate properties, and has taught her clients how to use promotional speaking to attract their ideal client and close $10,000 + deals on stage.  

With Galit, you’ll learn the fundamentals of speaking, how to be more charismatic when you deliver your talks, and how you can “close the client”. She’ll be talking about how you can command in a state of leadership, inspiration, and authority all while giving a natural, warm and positive vibe to your audience or your prospect on the phone.  

This is for you if you….


Everyone could use more clients, because more clients mean more money. Stop dreading the ups and downs of client flow, and instead, learn how to give yourself a steady stream of clients ready to buy!

Wants More visibility

Find your target audience, and get your brand in front of them - like we did on Pinterest, where we now have over 3.2 million views!

Wants to Build Authority

Learn how to hone your online and offline presence so you’re recognized as an authority in your field - no matter what your niche is!

Wants to Learn How to Use Speaking

Learn how to land, and then leverage, speaking in front of huge crowds, and make $5,000+ off of your compelling and inspiring content!

If this is you, then the Be More Visible Membership is for you! 

...then the BE MORE VISIBLE MEMBERSHIP is for you.

Sister, this is not another cookie-cutter, previously scripted, rehearsed and rehashed membership program. We will be teaching you exactly what we’ve done to get visible, get more clients, and make more money! We’ve been booked as speakers, podcast guests, summit keynotes, and have massively grown our social media platforms and gained new clients - even in the middle of the pandemic! You are going to be supported like never before, because we know you have something special to give the world. 

We KNOW you deserve more clients. 

We know you deserve to have the life you dream.

See you on the inside!

However, if you’re someone who: 

Is already earning 6 figures per month and content… 
Has the time freedom to travel, enjoy life, and easily spend time with their families 
Already is at the peak of their career earning millions 
And has millions of followers on social media… 

...then the BE MORE VISIBLE MEMBERSHIP isn’t for you.

Skyrocket your visibility, so you can get more clients, and make more money!


Still think this isn’t for you? Then ask yourself first:

Do I want to be booked on podcasts and summits every week?
Am I ready to be visible? 
Do I really want to GET MORE CLIENTS consistently and make more money? 
Am I ready to attract and receive new clients right away?

It’s not for everyone but if you answered yes to at least one of these questions — it’s time to step up. YOU are a visionary. YOU are a leader with heart. And YOU have this amazing opportunity to start changing your life and business. Will you take it and make your Visibility & Client Attraction a priority?

Join us now in the BE MORE VISIBLE MEMBERSHIP for only $97

There is no contract, it is a month to month membership.

How is the Be More Visible Membership structured?

  • We will have a private Facebook group where you will be able to get support and interact with other members of the Be More Visible Membership
  • ​You will get your own access to our portal where all the teachings will be stored.

Skyrocket your Visibility, so that you GET MORE CLIENTS.


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